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Kubernetes (K8s) has won the container orchestrator battle. It’s a victory so stupendous you don’t talk anymore about “container orchestrators.” Just Kubernetes.  Competitors even declared the triumph when Docker announced K8s availability on Swarm and in Docker for Windows, and Apache Mesos with its integration.  Searching for Kubernetes has increased steadily over the years, with more and more […]

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It’s always tempting to think that whatever we’re doing in the bright, shiny world of the 21st century is unprecedented, groundbreaking, disruptive. But I have a confession to make: Although my career is firmly-rooted in high tech and I can’t get enough of engaging with the latest and greatest technology and business trends, my first […]

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By Ofir Nachmani, CEO, IOD Today, more than ever, we see a constant tension between tech and marketing departments–a love/hate relationship, so to speak. Tech people always think they know better about the technology of a product. And marketing managers are under pressure to quickly generate great content and run quality distribution to drive business. […]

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