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"The power of knowledge goes even farther when you can share it. At IOD, I get the opportunity to put my technological knowledge to good use and share it with others."
Piotr G.
DevOps Enforcement Agent
"If you're in tech, one of the best things you can do for your career is to start writing. I've postponed this too many times but thanks to the help of IOD's editors, I'm there! I've upgraded my research skills, tackled new technologies I didn't know existed ... and improved my English! Start writing. It's worth it!"
Petar M.
Cloud Operations Manager
"Working with IOD has been one of the most rewarding experiences I've had writing and editing. The model is great: whenever I'm challenged by a project, I've been able to solve it working closely with the IOD expert assigned. And the same in reverse: experts value my input and edits. It's mutually beneficial."
Anthony M.
Writer and Editor
"IOD has helped me develop my writing skills. Prior to joining IOD, I was able to write excellent code only but now I can write good articles as well, on multiple technical platforms. IOD is the best place for technical experts willing to write."
Syed A.N.
Database Architect
"While writing for IOD, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with many experts, while researching and learning about new technologies and tools. Not to mention improve my writing skills thanks to their great editors."
Dzenan D.
AWS Expert
"Working with IOD has given me the opportunity to research and deliver content in many different areas. The highly skilled editors allow me to focus on the technical side to ensure as a team we deliver valuable content back to the client."
Garry M.
Senior Cloud Archiect
"Working with IOD, I get to do what I love and what I'm good at, continuously learn and advance my skills, and make a very decent living. The best perk, though, is getting to spend time with my newborn daughter while working from home."
Yoav M.
Data Science Professional
"As an experienced writer, I appreciate the priority IOD places on delivering quality work. It challenges me to push the envelope, and I get great support along the way from the subject matter experts and editorial team."
Tina O.


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