NEXT WORKSHOP: APRIL 25, 2018 Have you always wanted to start a tech blog, but worry you can’t write well or, worse, fear you don’t truly have anything important to say? Well, you can and do. More and more technology experts — from programmers to data architects to operations engineers — are researching and developing […]

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Illustration by Hadar Farberman

By Sharona Reouveni, IOD Head of Community As an Israeli feminist blogger and online activist, I have been fortunate to come across and engage with empowering women over the years. But this is the first time in my career I feel I can be the one inspiring women and making a difference in the industry. […]

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By Piotr Gaczkowski, IOD expert Almost every modern programming language comes with some testing support built-in. Yet, there aren’t so many frameworks for testing servers and deployments. “Wait a second,” you might be thinking right now. “Servers and deployments aren’t code. They should be provisioned by IT operations, not tested along the application lifecycle, right?” […]

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By Piotr Gaczkowski, IOD expert The term Continuous Integration (CI) is no longer a fancy new topic in the industry. With the recent rise of such services as Travis or CircleCI, everyone can use a free CI server for their open-source projects or buy a paid support for private ones. Catching bugs before they reach […]

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