So You Want to Be a Tech Blogger?
So You Want to Be a Tech Blogger?


Have you always wanted to start a tech blog, but worry you can’t write well or, worse, fear you don’t truly have anything important to say? Well, you can and do. More and more technology experts — from programmers to data architects to operations engineers — are researching and developing original content, and getting paid for it!

IOD’s family of freelancers extends to more than 70 tech experts from around the world, with knowledge and skills in cloud, deveops, AWS, Azure, IT security, machine learning, mobile, and more. We’ve successfully turned technology professionals — some of whom have never written before — into bloggers.

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In a one-hour roundtable offered monthly in Tel Aviv, Ofir Nachmani, cloud evangelist and CEO of IOD Cloud Research Technologies, shows you why your professional knowledge and expertise is enough to turn you into a successful blogger. Tech experts who blog, and who are considered “influencers,” get recruited for better paying jobs or get promoted faster. When you learn how to effectively create compelling content for your company, you boost your value and achieve credibility.

After blogging about cloud for the last ten years, Ofir founded IOD, a company that now employs more than 70 freelancers around the world. He’s discovered that any tech expert who is open and willing to learn, can write, and write well.

Upcoming Roundtables

There is no cost to attend, but RSVP is required.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018, WeWork Dubnov, Tel Aviv, RSVP

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IOD is a content creation and research company working with some of the top names in IT.

Our philosophy is experts are not writers and writers are not experts, so we pair tech experts with experienced editors to produce high quality, deeply technical content.

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