“Private Cloud Discredited” by Phil Wainewright
“Private Cloud Discredited” by Phil Wainewright

Interesting prespective on private clouds bringing to you in 2 parts by the SaaS guru, Mr. Waineright summarize : “In a nutshell, an enterprise that builds a private cloud will spend more, achieve less and increase its risk exposure, while progressing no further along the path towards building a cloud applications infrastructure. It’s a damning indictment of the private cloud model from two top enterprise cloud architects who have practical, hands-on experience that informs what they’re saying. Their message is that private cloud is a diversion and a distraction from the task of embracing cloud computing in the enterprise. It can only make sense as a temporary staging post in the context of a systematically planned transition to public cloud infrastructure.”

I agree with the viewpoint and I think that the private cloud is a tool to support this temporary stage of moving applications and data into the public clouds. Phil is mentioning Adrian Cockcroft’s (The Cloud Architect for Netflix) that talks about the “fear” of the CIO about the “unsecure public cloud”. I personally think this is an excuse and this will slow down a positive evolution, though don’t be suprised if a much faster adoption will hit the current expectations of the analysts (i.e Gartner).

Read more on Zdnet SaaS blog –

Private Cloud Discredited Part 1 ; Private Cloud Discredited Part 2

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