“Amazon is migrating the applications and services that run Amazon.com from a traditional infrastructure to Amazon’s IaaS division on an application-by-application basis. That’s called “eating your own dog food,” and it should give enterprises enormous confidence in the security of Amazon’s IaaS offerings.” “Security in the cloud is strong, and it’s being strengthened every day […]

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Today, Amazon S3 announced a new breakthrough in supporting customers with large files by increasing the maximum supported object size from 5 gigabytes to 5 terabytes. Click here to read more on Werner Vogles Amazon.com CTO blog. ALso, Is AWS Targeting Netflix With 5TB Objects? Click here to get more information.

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Microsoft Azure Cloud

  Check out the following resources: Windows Azure Platform Page – Lots of links and resources. Azurescope – Benchmarking and Guidance (best practices, code sample and more) for Windows Azure. Frequently Asked Question – This is a list of official FAQ from Microsoft to explain some frequently-asked question and clarify any confusion. White Papers – Official Windows Azure Whitepapers. […]

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One of the companies that sells that kind of service classifies SaaS into four “maturity levels,” whose key attributes are configurability, multi-tenant efficiency, and scalability. For more information please check out I am OnDemand terminology page.

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