By Ofir Nachmani, CEO, IOD Every marketing professional in the tech industry, every tech evangelist, even every developer with a reddit addiction knows that in this business content is fundamental. Marketing begins and ends with content. Whether that content is a slogan you paid a brand strategist to devise, a hip infographic, or an animation […]

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By Shiji Sujai, IOD Expert A good population of lesser mortals in this IT-dependent world start their work day by logging in to their lean, mean machines using some sort of authentication. There is an identity management solution sitting in the backend that is diligently checking your identity, and authenticates and authorizes your access before […]

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By Ofir Nachmani, CEO, IOD Prepare yourself for the brutal honesty in this post. My first confession: I don’t write my own tech blogs. At this point in my career, the vast majority of my blogs are written by professional writers and editors. In fact, one of our IOD editors wrote this very post you’re […]

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