Become a Cloud Celebrity at AWS re:Invent
Become a Cloud Celebrity at AWS re:Invent

Whether you are a cloud consumer or vendor, launching your first startup or developing cutting edge technology to improve cloud computing experiences…you can be famous!
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reinvent logoAcross the globe, dozens of cloud technology and consulting partners, alike, have benefited greatly from their exposure on `I am OnDemand` channels… isn’t it time you joined the club?

I will be holding interviews for AWS re:Invent exhibitors to get their take on the event, explain more about how their offering assists AWS users and adds value to the AWS ecosystem, as well as  share more about the foundation of their business values.

Get your TV Interview

sdrnews logoEmail me at, or even better, tweet to @iamondemand, to share your cloud story. If it makes the cut, prepare to reap the benefits of I am OnDemand’s tens of thousands of fans and listeners, and see your cloud story turn into the journey of a lifetime!

Extraordinary stories will be recorded in a short interview with SDRNews, a popular enterprise technology channel on the Roku streaming media player, and myself. The number of interviews is limited, so be sure to contact me if your story is one for the books.

The only question remaining is… Are you ready to be a Cloud Celebrity?

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