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By Shiji Sujai, IOD Expert Let me help you prepare for the AZ-100 with this “cheat sheet” you can use for better understanding the Azure network, including concepts of Microsoft Azure virtual networking, hybrid connectivity, VNet to VNet connectivity, name resolution, and network security group configuration. I’m sure you probably know that thorough knowledge of […]

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By Piotr Gaczkowski, IOD Expert When I first started writing for IOD, my belief was that writing was optional for engineers. I’ve changed my mind. Even though your main responsibility involves solving problems and writing code, prose is something you can indulge in. Most don’t and that’s fine. But I’ve learned there are many benefits […]

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What kind of year was 2018 for you? The answer probably depends a lot on where you live, which political party you’re aligned with, what industry you’re in, and, of course, your astrological sign.  For us here at IOD, 2018 was all about growth: growth in the number of customers we serve, growth in how […]

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The cloud industry has continued to grow exponentially. As of September, the reported combined revenue of Amazon’s and Microsoft’s cloud businesses for the previous 12 months reached $50.1 billion. If this is any indication (and it is), the cloud industry is flourishing. Enterprises and small companies alike are increasingly relying on the innovation and reliability […]

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