Google doc to wordpress

So you’ve spent a substantial amount of time writing, editing, and structuring your post on Google Docs and it’s all ready to be published from WordPress. You copy paste your content into the WordPress text editor before realizing that everything needs to be re-configured yet again to fit in with the style of your blog. And so begins the tedious task of formatting headings, fonts, sizes, colors, and alignments, even though you may have already done so in the Google document. Irritatingly, images must be uploaded manually (you can’t even right click and download from the Google doc)  before being rearranged to fit in graphically with the specifications of the blog.

Everyone knows that uploading an article to WordPress is cumbersome task which can often be a lengthy process, taking up time which could be spent on something more productive, such as creating more content. Posting several times a week can accumulate hours of work spent simply on that and we felt that there must be a simpler, more automated way of exporting a post to WordPress. So we created “Docs to WordPress“, a  Google Docs add-on.

So we fixed that 

As we at IamOnDemand are constantly producing high volumes of quality content for B2B technology companies we identified the need for them to be able to quickly and efficiently upload and publish these posts on WordPress. We created the Google Docs to WordPress Chrome app specifically designed to allows you to export a Google Drive document to WordPress as a post, with all the formatting and images kept. Check the video below to learn it works –

The new Docs to WordPress add-on

The new Docs to WordPress add-on lets you upload your post to several WordPress sites simultaneously. We also optimized the formatting process, keeping the exact format of your text and images as your article is converted to fit WordPress. As always, links are created to view the original images in full size, so all you need to do is click on it (handy for tables or screenshots etc).

Cleanest HTML Code Representation

We also improved the HTML representation of your article within WordPress. The add-on strips all unnecessary HTML tags, leaving you with a clean HTML code for easy modification. If you wish for the cleanest possible HTML code representation you can remove duplicated tags by clicking on the “Visual” tab and then going back to the “HTML” tab within the WordPress editor.

We hope that this add-on not only allows for an easy and efficient connection between Google Docs and WordPress, but that the added features of the latest version provide ultimate fluidity and impeccable transmission. All feedback is welcome and we would be interested to hear about your experiences or any suggestions you may have.