reinvent logoAcross the globe, dozens of cloud technology and consulting partners, alike, have benefited greatly from their exposure on `I am OnDemand` channels. At the last AWS re:Invent show I hold the following video interviews helping AWS re:Invent exhibitors to get their take on the event, explain more about how their offering assists AWS users and adds value to the AWS ecosystem, as well as  share more about the foundation of their business values.

sdrnews logoExtraordinary stories were recorded in the following short interviews I held Together with Andrew McCaskey from the famous technology channel SDRNews and Tim Crawford, CIO Strategic Advisor at AVOA. The SDRNews is a popular enterprise technology channel on the Roku streaming media player, and myself. The number of interviews is limited, so be sure to contact me if your story is one for the books.

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The following is only a sample. You can find more on the SDRNews AWS re:Invent Section.

RightScale – Early Adopters had their Day – now Regular Enterprises use Cloud

Rightscale is one of the largest players in cloud management, and enables enterprises to manage, govern, and optimize. In business for over seven years, they are now seeing the big shift from early adopters to mainstream CIO’s that need to securely extend the flexibility of cloud with security and confidence to their internal customers.

Cloud Migration Done Right Needs Emind

Migrating to the AWS cloud presents numerous challenges in building and transferring operation to the cloud. Customers who are moving from on-premise architecture face the challenge of planning ahead for an orderly transition to the cloud. Working through issues such as security and scalability, Amazon Partner emind works through the design and implementation. Totally basing their services on cloud services, they can integrate with existing facilities by treating “hardware as an API call” through an innovative architecture.

2 – Large Scale Web Delivery with Nginx

Large scale web delivery – improving over 120 million web sites – roughly 40% of the top web sites use Nginx, an open source project for the past eight years. Recently funded as a commercial application the commercial version extends the open source edition. Nginx generally replaces Apache but in some cases there are portions of Apache that should be retained – one example of the new commercial services that Nginx Plus can offer.

3 – ScaleBase: Seamless MySQL DataBase Scalability

There is no escaping the environment that cloud computing offers for explosive scaling. Scalebase delivers scalability to companies who do not have the staffing resources to add hundreds of thousands of engineering hours. Many CIO’s run out of database capability, storage I/O or .. They use  an automated and simplified version of sharding, delivering the ability to use your present  database structure in elastic services. Learn more

4 – Ravello Systems: “Cut the Wait”, Enterprise Developers and DevTest in the Public Cloud

Proper full-fledged environments are are to come by for rigorous testing. The overall focus of Ravello is testing in the public cloud, allowing a team of development to test on a replica of production. It can take weeks or months to do proper testing – but Ravello can reduce this to a days at most. For example, if an application requires 4 VM’s, you can leave the networking and attributes of the VM’s and port them directly to any public cloud, completely encapsulated by Ravello. Up to 278 VM’s have been run, reducing times from three months to ten minutes to provision the system for test. Learn more

CA Technologies: Big Iron Backup in the Cloud

CA offers the first product designed to backup mainframe computers to the cloud. The challenge is that mainframe storage is extremely costly – and CA streamlines the process to improve flexibility and reduce costs. Disaster backup with AWS enables distributed backup using both S3 and Glacier, replacing tape storage, with faster reclaim times in comparison with tape.

6 – Cloud Velocity: Making Intelligent Migration Automation Choices

AWS users and enterprise customers have identified top concerns as migration and the integration of existing resources – classic hybrid clouds. Cloud Velocity focuses on automating the processes for migrating physical, virtual and multi-tier environments into the cloud, while addressing security and authentication issues. Services such as  LDAP active directory authentication can employed on both Windows and Linux environments using their platform. Their automation enables enterprise IT staff to perform the migration, or if consultants are used to greatly speed the migration engagement.

7 – Scalr Cloud Management: Give AWS DevOps Cloud Freedom and Control

IT needs to enforce policies for security reasons, but developers want the freedom and agility of Amazon. Scalr provides the tools to enforce policies and insure that individuals cannot go outside the established rules. Operable over a number of cloud platforms, Scalr is a web based interface and API offering an abstraction layer above clouds.

8 – Porticor: Data Encryption in Public Cloud

Porticor provides key management and data protection – for customers who need to provide encryption both at rest and in motion, using IPSEC. Key management is the more important part of the management challenge, combining both key management and data encryption as a service.  Porticor’s solution splits the key into public and private parts. Unlike traditional solutions with hardware based encryption, Porticor manages the keys for either AWS or other public clouds. Their service is accessible through RESTful API, as a subscription service. The Porticor VM image actually runs on the customers to encrypt the data before it is transmitted through the system.

9 – Blazemeter: Self Service Load Testing for Website or Mobile App

Enterprise customers have to reach many users on their website but at the same time deliver a level of performance and deliver a positive UI experience. Bottlenecks in web design, coding or settings can have marked effects as the number of simultaneous users increases.  With free trial accounts offering tests with up to 50 users or full production testing with hundreds of thousands or more, the solution does not involve hardware or software.

10 – Legacy Monitoring Hates Elastic Workloads: DataDog here to Support that

Datadog does monitoring as a service, with a number of customers that are finding that traditional tools do not offer the ability to monitor, graph and alert across a hybrid cloud environment, back and forth across the private and public infrastructure. Some applications may still be on premise and as customers migrate applications to the public cloud, Datadog permits you to monitor instances as they are deployed. Datadog enables real time monitoring for customers such as gaming companies that spin up and down instances to be able to respond to customer demand before, during and after events.

11 – Dome9: Control and Visibility For your AWS Cloud FireWall

Dome 9 is a security management service for Amazon Cloud, in a policy based approach that you can use in a scalable and agnostic way. The AWS security group management, ACL and some IM related tools are included in an innovative SaaS solution enabling total control and visibility over cloud infrastructure (IaaS) network and host security. Learn more

12 – Grantia Data: Scalalbe and Reliable Redis on Steroids

The main challenge of Redis is scalability, assuring reliability for large data sets and overall performance. Over a thousand paying customers make use of the services of  Garantia, offering a high availability and top performance version that hides much of the complexity of the open source product. Oppering continuous autoscaling, autofailover with no ops the highest performance is fully managed, even for small datasets.

13 – GenieDB: Its all About the Database as a SPOF in the Cloud

GenieDB Management Console makes it easy to launch, manage and monitor fully distributed, industrial strength MySQL databases. By geographically distributing the database, there is a seamless failover across AWS regions. It is similar to RDS, but provides a multi-master/multi-region/ and most importantly multi cloud environment. GenieDB offers a Globally Distributed MySQL-as-a-Service to provide continuous availability during datacenter or cloud outage and faster response times.

14 – Incapsula, Beyond AWS out of the box: CDN, Load Balance and Security

A CDN with built in security is only available at a rudimentary level using AWS. Incapsula adds security and load balancing capability to cloud environments. The more dynamic the environment, the greater variety of attacks, and as bigger and bigger enterprises move to the cloud, security becomes of greater importance. With 360 degree visibility of what is going on in their CDN network, customers can react very quickly to common attacks such as DDOS or cross site scripting. Tens of thousands of customers are finding benefit from the Incapsula services.

15 – Zadara, No SAN – No NAS : Taming Storage in the Cloud

AWS users and enterprise customers realize that S3 and EBS services don’t allow for the tools and configurations for storage that have been available for years. Zadara allows NFS, remote replication, cluster support and other storage techniques that are familiar tools to the enterprise user. Totally private storage up to hundreds of terrabytes can be implemented as a premium storage feature, at the price of Amazon but extended on your own hardware, using AWS Direct Connect.

Want to be a Cloud Celebrity? Want your TV Interview? Email me at, to share your cloud story. If it makes the cut, prepare to reap the benefits of I am OnDemand’s tens of thousands of fans and listeners, and see your cloud story turn into the journey of a lifetime!