Who we are
IOD (iamondemand) is a boutique content creation and research organization with deep, hands-on expertise in cloud computing, DevOps, cybersecurity, Enterprise IT, and mobile. IOD’s wealth of knowledge is thanks to a marketplace of savvy subject matter experts, skilled writers, and veteran editors that work together as agile teams to create [top.content] assets for our customers.

CEO and founder, Ofir Nachmani, is a cloud evangelist and entrepreneur - a true cloud celeb, with an insider’s understanding into what marketing executives need: high-quality content. IOD’s blogs, white papers, case studies, research, and survey reports deliver invaluable market visibility, and position our customers as influencers in their domains.

Ofir Nachmani
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A cloud evangelist and entrepreneur, Ofir has been an executive in several technology companies. After a decade blogging about cloud, Ofir founded IOD to help tech vendors build their own presence and position themselves as influencers in the market.
Ofer Prossner
VP, Operations
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Ofer is a veteran journalist who has covered a wide range of subjects ranging from sports to technology. His passion for meeting and interviewing leaders of industry giants, such as AWS, EMC, and VMware, was one step on the path to handling the day-to-day operations at IOD.
Jen Maidenberg
VP, Editorial
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Jen's been a professional writer and editor since 1997, working for leading newspapers and publishing companies. In her life-long quest to meet interesting people, and to make good writing even better, Jen landed at IOD where she gets to do both on a daily basis. She has an MA in English Literature.
Sharona Reouveni
Head of Community
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Sharona is an accomplished customer relations and tech support manager, with experience in developing content and technical writing, product management, online marketing, and social media. She is passionate about improving operations and increasing customer satisfaction. She has been a prominent blogger and online activist since 2003.
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